January 30, 2021 @ 12:07 am

Are you out riding the trails this winter? Why not do some kilometres to benefit kids with physical disabilities by participating in Snowarama for Easter Seals Kids? This year we’re making it easier for snow lovers all across Ontario to support Easter Seals kids, by offering a ride anytime, anywhere format. Officially, Snowarama will take place from January 23 to February 28. There is no set date for an event, all you need to do is register online, start fundraising and then go out and ride whenever it’s convenient for you.

Your support will help to provide urgently needed accessibility and mobility equipment to children and youth with physical disabilities. Since the pandemic started, many of the children we serve have been stuck at home due to their fragile immune systems. With no access to school, social activities, therapy or other support services, they have become physically and socially isolated. As a result, the need for essential equipment for these children in their homes is more crucial than ever before.

So if you are going to be revving up your snowmobile engine, please consider registering and raising funds to help Easter Seals kids get the equipment they need to live safely and with dignity while at home. Learn more at https://www.snowarama.org/locations/all-across-ontario/.