wcsta volunteers

Our club depends on the efforts of volunteers.   And there is always room for more. .  Of course, there is the obvious work, clearing and brushing,  to keep the trails open.  But, there are also other ways you can help. 

Fundraising is an ongoing activity, to offset costs not covered by trail permits, and you will be aware that we are working towards adding the worlds longest snowmobile bridge to our system.   We also can use help with co-ordinating our presence at the Carp Fair (next year) and other events.   

We can use help with events that benefit our members, such as the trailside BBQ, or say thank you to our landowners.  In short, there are many ways to help our club and make snowmobiling more fun.

So whether clearing trails is your thing, or you can afford a couple of hours to help organize, or help run an event, we’d love to hear from you. Please add your name to the growing list of volunteers for the West Carleton Trails Association. Volunteering with your local club is a great way to meet and socialize with other sledders and will help make our trails better than ever!

And Students, time you spend volunteering for the club can count towards your high school volunteer hours.

You can also watch for any volunteer events mentioned on this site, and reach out to any of our directors.


Opening for position of Club Secretary.

We have posted the position of secretary in our news and events postings.  Please have a read and see if this is a way you can help our club.  Contact volunteer@wcstai.com, or any of the board members if you are interested.


Trail Maintenance Volunteering

West Carleton Snowmobile Club opens and maintains about 275 km of trails in West Carleton and Mississippi Mills, each year. Our trails have been divided into 55 sections that have been assigned to a specific Volunteer who agrees to maintain and open the trail section and keep it open all winter. On top of this, specific people also groom the trails regularly when snow conditions are right. About 40 assigned Volunteers and an unknown number of “Silent Volunteers” maintain our trails so 900 or so members in our Club can snowmobile each year.

Some trail sections require more maintenance than can be expected from one Volunteer so that all of us can snowmobile. This includes brushing, tree removal, culvert and bridge repair and replacement to name a few of our jobs.

Your Club would like to identify a number of volunteers that will help with a given trail section each year on an as needed basis. We have identified Trail Sections that require annual brushing and others that require major brushing and tree removal in the next year.

We are asking Club members to come forward and help maintain our trails in a planned manner so that they will always be up to your standard and our grooming equipment can operate properly.

WCSTA Trail Maintenance Volunteer Requirements 2019

Trail SectionRequirementIssueSchedule
W16 Galetta Side Road to Canon SmithBrushing and Tree RemovalTrail is narrow and overhanging trees are damaging the groomerSummer or fall 2019
W18 AllBrushing and Tree RemovalTrail is narrow and overhanging trees are damaging the groomerAdditional trail work in summer or fall 2019
W20 Carp Road to Marchurst RoadBrushing and Tree RemovalTrail is narrow and overhanging trees are damaging the groomerSummer or fall 2019
W16 Canon Smith to Torbolton RidgeBrushing and Tree RemovalTrail is narrow and overhanging trees are damaging the groomerSummer or fall 2019
W11 Constance BayBridge repairBridge in gully moved in spring floodSummer or fall 2019
W11 All of Constance BayAnnual BrushingBrush grows in and trees fall in summer and from ice and wind. Trail cannot be maintained.Fall 2019


Please contact our volunteer coordinators using the form to get involved!