On Sunday two new volunteers Ryan Grassie and Jake Sinclair worked with me and Steve Munro and helped open the new trail from W20 into Carp. Steve Munro worked with land owners to put the trail in place and brought out his backhoe to clear the trail and put in a pipe.

Thank you all.

This trail has been built to keep snowmobiles off the ACTIVE RAIL LINE into Carp. We have posted the railway as a NO SNOWMOBILE ROUTE. If snowmobilers use the railway we may loose all our railway crossings west of Highway 417. This in effect would shut down many of our trails and access out of West Carleton.


If you have time for a beer you have time to take the trail. There are a number of restaurants and businesses near to the snowmobile parking area that is being provided by Ridge Rock Brewing an the Karson Group.

Enjoy your trip to Carp when we get snow.