You may have seen Steve Burgess’s recent post and the lack of volunteers to open and maintain our trails. Not one of our Members (read YOU) showed up. There was a comment from one Club Member that we did not contact him. Also, another comment that not everyone sits around and reads Facebook.

There is a fact that: too much is being done by too few for too many Club Members who like to ride but do not want to help. I also know that a number of Members have offered to help but we do not contact them.

We are in desperate need of a Volunteer with some social media skills who likes to talk to people to work with the Board and coordinate those people who have offered to help. Facebook is not working. We need fresh ideas as to how to make our Club a community where people want to be involved. This goes beyond trail maintenance to other fun events we can hold to involve our Members.

If you can help, please contact me directly. Email me at or call me at 613-832-2362. I like to talk to people. Do not message me. Facebook or whatever it is does not work.

As Steve Burgess points out the people who are currently maintaining your trails are getting tired (read fed up). We opened the trails and we cleaned up after the last storm. Who is going to clean up after the heavy snow we just received. Maybe no one!!

A good start is for someone to work with the Board to develop an effective communication plan. Then we can ask for help when we need it from those few other Members who have offered to help. Would one of you please volunteer to take this on? Bring a friend and make it an enjoyable part of being a Member of YOUR snowmobile club.

If you know someone and they do not follow us on our website or Facebook please pass this on.

Paul McDonald, Vice President and Volunteer