Trails are now closed.

Trails are now closed.

West Carleton trails are now closed. Thanks to our Landowners, Volunteers and Permit Buyers.

Wow. What a fantastic season it has been!

Snowmobilers are being warned to stay off of West Carleton Snowmobile Club (WCSTA) OFSC Prescribed snowmobile trails effective immediately as the snowmobile season has come to an end. These trails are now reported as “Unavailable” (Red) on the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide, and WCSTA have stopped regular grooming operations and signs and stakes are being removed and gates and fences closed. Snowmobilers are also advised that rapidly deteriorating snow and ice conditions due to spring thaw make snowmobiling extremely hazardous on closed trails. In our area, roads and road crossings are now generally bare and the ice on all waterways is melted, melting or unstable.

The public is also reminded that an OFSC snowmobile trail on private land reported as “Unavailable” means that access to that trail is also prohibited for any other users or persons for all other seasons, without the specific prior permission of the landowner. On behalf of our club and volunteers, we want to thank all of the landowners who have generously allowed the use of their property for an OFSC snowmobile trail this winter. We also appreciate the support of the many snowmobilers who bought trail permits to help pay their share of the cost of trail operations for the past season.

A very special thanks is also extended to all of the club volunteers who donated their services to assist local clubs in providing a successful season of snowmobiling. Although the winter is over, snowmobiling has become a year round business, so many volunteers will start immediately to plan and prepare for next winter.

Planning for Next Year

WCSTA is actively looking to fill a number of roles within the West Carleton club. We are looking for people to work with the Board of Directors to assist with the delivery of our required programs and to develop Club initiatives. We are increasing our efforts to identify and coordinate our volunteers, one of our most valuable resources.

If you would like to volunteer to keep your Club strong, and our trails first rate please fill in the Volunteer Contact form on our Volunteering web page. We will put together groups of people to help repair and maintain trails this spring and summer, as well as prepare for the 2020-2021 season. In order to remain strong, your Club needs more involvement from its members. In return, we are also focusing on member engagement in a fun way and hope to have a number of activities and get togethers next season for everyone.

So, if you can help us, and this will help you, please let us know.

The Board of Directors thanks you for a fun and accident free season.  See you on the trails next winter. Remember to buy your permit in WCSTA.

WCSTA Award nominations

It’s that time of the year again 🙂 Your WC Snowmobile club is accepting nominations for the following end of year awards !

– WC Mike Asquini Volunteer Of The Year
– WC Rookie Of The Year
– WC Family Of The Year
– WC Trail Patroller Of The Year
– WC Safe Snowmobiling Ambassador 
– WC Outstanding Snowmobile Promotion

If you have someone you would like to nominate please email to Nominations will close on Sunday Jan 6, 2019.

Your board of directors will be voting on this at our monthly meeting on Tuesday Jan 8, 2019.

Please explain why you are nominating this important and amazing person ……………..

Thanks so much,

Signage Training – CORRECTION: Dec. 4



Who would have thought we would have this much snow stay on the ground this early in the year. I hope it stays until April. I had my first ride but didn’t get out of the yard.

Our Signage Training Course is being presented on December 4, 2018 at 6:00 prior to the regular Board Meeting at the Community Centre in Kinburn. If you haven’t volunteered to help sign some of our trails this is an excellent opportunity to find out what it’s all about!

Don’t forget that OFSC requires that all Trail Coordinators receive Signage Training at least every 3 years. There are a number of new people on the list this year that require training and others that need a refresher course. I hope to see you there.

 Also we have lost a few people this year and are looking for Trail Coordinators for the following sections.

A trail

Arnprior dam to RR29


W11 to Galetta Rd


Cannon Smith to Torbolton Ridge


Torbolton Ridge to Buckrams Bay


CP rail Pakenham to Arnprior


If you have friends who snowmobile and would volunteer to help on one of these sections please let me know.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated by the Board of Directors and enjoyed by our club members. I thank you for your assistance.


Paul McDonald

AGM Tuesday October 2, 2018


The WCSTA Annual General Meeting is Tuesday October 2, at 7:00 PM at the Kinburn Community Centre.

We will be holding elections for two new Board Members.

As Scott Hamilton is stepping down for a much deserved break, we will be seeking a new President. Also, we really need a new Social Director. Some other positions may change also.

If you are interested in putting your name forward for a Board Position, please let Douglas Vandervelde know prior to the meeting so we can get your name on the voting roster. Email to reach Doug.

We hope to see a good crowd on Tuesday. Hope to see you all at the meeting.

NOTE: Doug will also have Sled Raffle Tickets at this meeting. This is your last chance to help us sell the last few remaining tickets.

Trail Patrol Course – Wed. Jan. 10th

Trail Patrol Course - Wed. Jan. 10th

OFSC Trail Patrol - there for you image

Trail Patrol Course – Wed. Jan. 10th

We are going to be training new Trail Patrol (trail wardens) on Wednesday January 10th from 7 to 9pm at Kinburn Community Centre.

Trail Patrol are on trail ambassadors for snowmobiling. We are there to promote a safe snowmobile experience for everyone, give valuable information to fellow sledders and promote our sport.

I should add this is also to get an update on your current training. We are moving to a district wide Trail Patrol not just by club. Come out to here about he changed as well. all good stuff.

Please email to sign up or get more information.

The course is under two hours.

Thank you,
Scott Hamilton

Trails are not open yet! Please stay off of them.

Keep sleds parked

Groomers have started pre-season packing of West Carleton trails, and this cold weather is really helping to firm up our waterways and swamps. We need a little more snow, and things are starting to look good for a start to a great season very soon but TRAILS ARE STILL NOT OPEN.

There are various reasons, whether it be our landowners not able to open gates (yes livestock can still be out in the fields at this time of year). And there is still not enough dense snow in most areas which, as you may be hearing in the news is a serious safety issue. Club volunteers want the trails open as much as anyone, as we are all sledders too, but this takes a combination of the right snow/safety conditions and permission to open gates on our land owners properties. Trail patrol is now patrolling trails and with new legislation in place, trespassers can now be fined up to $10,000 for trespassing and riding on unopened trails. This is serious stuff.

Please, everyone remember that trying to get that jump on the season before trails are open risks it for all of us. We have lost some valuable links on local trails yet again this season and have had to significantly increase road running because of the few sledders who think that just one run on an opened trail does not matter. It does. Just one sled wandering where it shouldn’t be can result in a trail becoming a permanent dead end – and we can’t blame our landowners for trying to protect their crops, property and livelihood.

On a lighter note, West Carleton has some exciting new trails being opened this season, like rail bridges in Pakenham and Arnprior on the W311 and the A trail. It has taken thousands of hours and working with the goodwill of the public, towns and municipalities to get us, the sledders, access to these. These routes are being opened on a trial basis and access to these areas can still be revoked by riding on them now, before official opening.

It’s going to be a great year if people can please, PLEASE keep the sleds parked until they show “Available” on the Interactive Trail Guide. And if you know that person that still insists on trespassing on unopened trails – put some pressure on them – they are messing with all that money you have invested riding this year.

Important Meeting! WCSTA AGM – Tuesday September 5th

Important Meeting! WCSTA AGM - Tuesday September 5th


Very important general meeting! We need a huge turnout.

This is a transition year for our club becoming part of District management under the MOTS (More On The Snow) program. And there is a potential for big changes to our club’s management with a very important election of officers. We need West Carleton Sledders to voice their opinions and concerns to make sure  the executive and volunteers can continue to make our club great. This year it is possible that major changes will occur to your Board of Directors and Officers.

We need your support at this one annual meeting.

Also, there will be an update on the great success we have had with securing the County Rail Line as a brand new trail. There has been a huge amount of work by several club executives (including all of you who voiced political support) to make this exciting project happen.

Please join us at the West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association Annual General Meeting – Tuesday September 5th, 7:00pm, at the Kinburn Community Centre.

Board of directors will be nominated and elected by our members at this meeting, and we encourage all current permit holders to join us and participate in continuing to set the course for snowmobiling in West Carleton, and representation of our club within the OFSC. Many great things have been happening for our club, and you can really help out by getting involved!

So, please come out to the AGM and see what is going on with your local club. We are continuing to try to plan more fun and exciting things this year, but we need your help to make them happen! Get to know our dynamic team of volunteers, fellow snowmobilers and hard-working directors. Here is a list of some things we are doing now, along with some new ideas brought forward by current volunteers and board members.

  • Poker run in support of the Snowsuit Fund
  • Landowners appreciation dinner
  • Braap ’n Bash event with live entertainment
  • Trail side BBQ
  • Fund raising (selling raffle tickets, trail map advertising)
  • Family free weekend
  • Day and night group rides

Immediately following the AGM the newly appointed Board will commence with the election of President, Vice President and other Officers for the 2017-2018 season.

We hope to see you there!


April Club Meeting – NEW DATE


The April 2017 Meeting for WCSTA will be held on Wednesday April 5th. Please join us in the board room at the Kinburn Community Centre (doors to the left of the main entrance). Meetings start at 7:00pm. Please watch this web site for notifications of any changes.

Come and find out what is happening with your club, your trails, the OFSC and snowmobiling in general. If you have a few hours to spare here or there, see if there is something that you might be interested in helping out with – every contribution large or small is appreciated! Also find out about the new volunteer incentive program rolling out this year…

Thanks to everyone for helping make this a great season. There’s in more to come… we hope to see you at the meeting!

Article – Crossing Farmers’ Fields

Article - Crossing Farmers' Fields

Crossing farmers'fields

Photo by Martin Lortz for Ontario Tourism

Every year when snow is on the ground and our throttle thumbs are itching, our club is often asked why some trails remain unavailable for riding each year longer than others. While weather, running water and terrain play a big part in it, opening trails and keeping them open is a process with many moving parts. To help explain, please have a look a the attached article, by Craig Nicholson and Graham Snyder, and courtesy of OFSC Go Snowmobiling Magazine, Vol. 8 #2.

GSM Vol8#2 OFSC – Crossing Farmers’ Fields