A trail will go through here

We would like to show some of the new trail, and what our fundraisers, and the matching input from BRP’s SnowPass program, and the folks at AECON Construction Ontario East LTD have done for this new route across the 417.

This project allows us to restore one of the 2 links that allows snowmobilers from our club, and from further afield, to access the east side side of the 417, gateway to Kanata and Ottawa, and a 4 star hotel, the Brookstreet. It allows those from Quebec, that cross on our new bridge over the Ottawa River (the longest snowmobile bridge in the world) to explore the Ontario trail system. With this link, we can offer options for the new trail loop that the Upper Canada Snowmobile Region (the district of which we are members) is putting together for this season.

In planning this reroute, we wanted to minimize the amount of road riding. In doing so, we gained permission to cross some properties in key locations, but without a clear trail. We chose to open up a fairly large section going through the bush as part of making this trail happen. That’s where the BRP SnowPass Program and the people of AECON Construction Ontario East LTD. came in to make this possible.

As you can see, a formidable amount of brushing, if done by hand, was accomplished in a short time with the help of some heavy machinery provided by AECON’s Carp location.

Here are some before pictures give an idea of what we were up against, and the after pictures show the new W19 trail will now pass.

We also need to acknowledge the help of our local Ski Doo dealer, MotorSportsWorld, and Todd Williams, Project Manager at AECON Construction Ontario East LTD, Carp office. So here’s a huge thank you for making this happen. #SkiDooPASS#ThatSkiDooFeeling@SkiDoo