AGM - the trail ahead

Annual General Meeting 2020 now being held at Carp Agricultural Hall, 3790 Carp Road, Carp.

The hall has instituted cleaning procedures as per Covid 19, will provide for social distancing, and hand sanitizer will be available. Please bring a mask, as masks will be mandatory.

Call For New members on the Board of Directors

Hello my friends, Hope you are all had a great summer and that it will continue into September ????

The Club needs your help !!

We will be filling several positions on on your Board this year and the new Board will be selecting some key officer positions including President and Treasurer.

Our AGM is Sept 15, 7 pm at Carp Agricultural Hall.

Our Club needs to continue the work that has been accomplished by you, and your Board over the last several years. There have been some new trails & bridges added, events, membership growth, snowmobile raffle, sponsors added and many other things.

If you can help in any way please send a message to Mark at

Thanks so much and lets keep heading down the right trail.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directors