snowmobile trail grooming first pass on open field

Hello everyone and Happy New Year from your WC Snowmobile Club.

95% of the trails have been packed two times. The other small percentage we cannot get into yet with water in the swamps. But our volunteers are monitoring this on a daily basis.

We are moving a few trails to Yellow status, Limited (use with caution).

W19 is going to yellow.

W11 from Carp Rd into Constance Bay. Including the W11A in Torbolton Forest is also going to yellow.

W11 from Carp Rd into Kinburn will remain closed until we get some more snow. One field took along time to pass with the groomer and is not in great shape yet.

W16 is close to going to yellow. Lining up volunteers to go and sign and picket from Canon Smith to Stonecrest. There is also an electric fence between Dunrobin Rd and Buckham’s bay that we are negotiating to open. This trail will go to yellow later this week but stay tuned for updates.

The W311 (rail bed) is getting close to yellow but need some more snow in a few areas before we can safely change the status. The same goes for the rest of the trail system. We just need some more snow.

Please use caution on the trails we have opened to limited

The ITG (interactive trail guide) will show the change in status in the next couple of day. As we are sending this information to the District today and they will see it only tomorrow.

Thanks for you patience, let’s hope we get some more snow this week.

Thanks much,
Scott Hamilton