We are looking for a Volunteer to work with the Board in the Secretary position. We are looking for an individual that can attend our meetings each month through the season, (and a few during the summer) to record the minutes, including actions and decisions of the Board.  The secretary will also help with the clubs interactions with the Upper Canada Snowmobile District which our club is a member of.   Minutes are to be kept in Microsoft Word format, and kept as part of our club records.

Taking on the role of Secretary does not keep you from participating  in other projects or initiatives of the club,. You do not have to be a Director of our club to hold the Secretary position, although this has occurred in the past.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Attend meetings of the Board and produce minutes onc e a month
  • Assist in preparation of the Agenda
  • Check mail at post office and distribute as appropriate.
  • Help track Board decisions and actions

This position has been filled by Doug VanderVelde for a number of years. Doug also takes on a  number of other tasks and we want to lighten his load. Please consider giving some of your time to the Club so that we can continue to provide safe, well maintained trails as well as meet our responsibilities to the OFSC.  For any questions or further information please contact volunteer@wcstai.com, or any of the clubs directors.