Each and every year, the snowmobile trails come together with the help of many volunteers. These volunteers give up their time, tools and labour in exchange for a trail system we all can enjoy. Most trail coordinators have a small crew of family or friends, sometimes both, that they count on to get the job done. This makes the act of volunteering much more enjoyable.

This past March, the Upper Canada Snowmobile Region (UCSR) contacted the club about a Volunteer rewards program. They donated some funding to reward those that assist in maintaining the trail system. It’s not the reason we volunteer, but sometimes a little recognition is appreciated.

We also received extra funding that allowed us to recognize even more of these volunteers. Thank you to Chris McCluskey and the team at The McCluskey Group (our local Tim Hortons) for reaching out to the WCSTA with a generous donation and helping us make this even better.

Trail coordinators submitted the list of their volunteers to be put in a draw for gift cards. The winners for the ’20-’21 season are:

Matt Agnel
Phil Auger Jimmy Bonney
Rod Brenton
Keith Burgess

Dave Campbell
Doug Campbell
Dan Coady
Bernie Coady
Steve Craig

Mark Crawford
Sawyer Dods
Kyle Fierens
Scott Fraser
Dave Garneau

Wayne Hollbrook
Ronnie Joanisse
Lee Johnson
Destiny Judge
Brister Malovic

Wes Manor
Mike Mosley
Nelson McDonald
Steve Monuk
Mike O’Reilly

Will Riley
Rich Russell
Blake Valliquette
Ben VanderVelde
Allan Wilson

   Thanks to all who volunteer.