WCSTA Northern Corridor Tour


The Club has received requests for coordinated rides, including longer tours. Over the last three years the club successfully planned the RAP tour, the Gold Rush Tour, and the North Shore Loop.

As a result of the tour last year’s successful tour we are in the planning stages for a group-coordinated ride in Northern Ontario – The Northern Corridor Adventure Tour. It will be approximately a 1,116 km tour, over 4 days.


The tour will depart from Cochrane Ontario in OFSC District 15 (Feb 26 – Mar 3 2017). The odyssey will cover 4 of Ontario’s Tour loops. It will explore eastern Ontario’s most northern trail system with the longest riding season.

It is approximately a 7.5-hour drive from West Carleton to the start point near Cochrane Ont. The tour will follow TOP trails, connectors, and local trails. The area is well known for its deep snow, flat land powder, and wide low traffic trails.

The Loops

Abitibi Canyon

The Abitibi Canyon Loop is one of the wildest, most remote and furthest north-reaching groomed snowmobile trails in all of Ontario, making it an incredible ride!

Every snowmobiler dreams of vast open expanses, endless snow that makes mirages out of the horizon, and trails so wide that they’re only comparable to a 400 series highway, without the traffic. This is exactly what this tour offers.

The landscape is quite different from the major populated centre’s of Ontario, offering endless hydro corridors that are uninterrupted by roads. Quite honestly, the odd stop sign is a relief and offers a moment for your riding buddies to catch up. At the top of the A103 lies Abitibi Canyon Dam, which was built in the 1930s. It offers a spectacular view of the massive Abitibi River that carves north to James Bay.



Lumberjack Loop

The Lumberjack loop takes riders through 4 communities of Moonbeam, Kapuskasing, Val Rita-Harty, and Opasatika. This loop will be ridden in two sections. One half on the trip to Hearst, and one half on the return to Cochrane. Lumberjacks are a strong symbol of the history of the area. Many worked hard in the bush to provide for their families. While traveling on this loop you may see modern logging activities of the today. This loop takes riders on various types of trails such as hydro corridors, old logging roads, tree lined trails, and provides the opportunity to see wildlife including lynx, moose, wolves, and foxes.

The Lumberjack Loop Map


Missinaibi Expedition

The Historic Missinaibi River is a site that snowmobilers will not want to miss. This loop takes snowmobilers along the Missinaibi River and through the woodlands north of Mattice and Hearst Ont. The Missinaibi River was the main route from Lake Superior to the James Bay during the fur trade time. Riders are almost guaranteed to see Moose and wolf tracks in the area so keep the camera ready. Explore this historic route and ride some of the Provinces premier northern trails.

Missinaibi Expedition map



Gateway to the North

Cochrane and Smooth Rock Falls are your gateway communities to the Northern loops. This loop will be also ridden in two sections as part of the Abitibi Canyon loop, and on the return leg from Hearst. This tour will take you along breath taking hydro corridors and through scenic Greenwater Park, District 15’s newest hidden secret. Bring your camera, as you don’t want to miss the gorgeous snow covered trees on your journey.

Gateway to the North Tour map



1,116 km

4 days of riding with approx. 8 hours per day. (The change for this year is the extra night stay on the Thursday in Cochrane due to a longer last day’s ride) with riders driving home on the Friday. The first day’s loop is approx 340 km. The second day will cover approx 277km, third day 165Km, and last day returning to the trucks approx 330km.

Dates – Feb 26 to March 3 2017

The trip has planned over the week to take advantage of lower hotel rates, the fact that all services are open (including repair gas etc.), and that there will less traffic on the trails.


A $100 deposit non-refundable from each rider is required prior to the cutoff date. Deposits are required by the planning meeting Nov 19, 2016. Please provide via online transfer or cheque to Scott Hamilton, or Paul Asmis. The deposit will cover chase truck and fuel, satellite phone rental, and a custom dry fit tour T-shirt for each rider.

Planning Meeting

A planning / information meeting is scheduled for Wednesday Nov 23, 7 pm at Sammy’s Pizzeria  in Dunrobin.


Prior to making reservations please submit a tour registration form and deposit to a tour coordinator. Once the registration is accepted reservations can be made. Room reservations are the responsibility of each rider, and detailed information for each booking is provided. It is not too early to make bookings once a tour coordinator confirms your registration!!! If riders know they are interested please start making bookings after your registration is accepted. The accommodations fill up very quickly for that time of the year. Cancellation dates are listed.

If you cancel your reservation you are responsible for all fees. If any fees are not paid and must be covered by the group on tour – you will be required to pay when the group returns.

Note all bookings under group reservation – West Carleton Snowmobile Club

Schedule and Options

This year’s schedule will be slightly different from the previous years. To take advantage of the tour loops, the group will spend two nights in Cochrane. Then snowmobile to Hearst and spend two nights in Hearst. On the final day riders will return to Cochrane driving home on the Friday.

Riders will trailer to the start point at the Northern Adventure Inn in Cochrane Ont. There is plenty of parking for trailers.

There are excellent trails around Cochrane. Riders arriving early on the Sunday can take advantage of the loops around the town.



Arrive – Northern Adventure Inn, Cochrane Ont.

Riders Briefing –1930 hrs. In restaurant area.


Ride the Abitibi Canyon Loop returning to the Northern Adventure Inn for a second night stay.

Distance approx. 340 km

Fuel / Stops – Extreme Tours Base Camp at Fraserdale (150km) and Smooth Rock Falls (250km)

Dinner- Northern Adventure Inn

Note that access to services and support truck is not possible for most of the loop – until riders reach Smooth Rock Falls.


Destination is Companion Hotel Hearst Ont

Distance approx. 277 km

Option – Scenic Greenwater Provincal Park – 18km one-way detour (36km total)

Fuel Smooth Rock Falls (70km), Moonbeam (115km), Kapuskasing (150km)

Lunch- Kapuskasing (143km)

Dinner- Companion Hotel


Ride the Missinaibi Loop

Distance -165 km

Fuel –Hearst Ont (No Fuel on loop)

Stops / Lunch – Snacks available at Mattice ON (130km)

Dinner- Companion Hotel


Destination –Northern Adventure Inn, Cochrane Ont

Distance -329km

Fuel – Kapuskasing (133km), Smooth Rock Falls (220km)

Stops – Tim Horton’s Kapuskasing

Dinner-Northern Adventure Inn or in Cochrane

Accommodation Information

 1st and 2nd Night Sunday Feb 26 /Monday Feb 27

Northern Adventure Inn – 517 Hwy 11 W, Cochrane ON, P0L 1C0


Cancellation – 48hrs

$75 single room / $95 Standard room / $115 Loft room double occupancy extra persons $10 – under West Carleton – Indoor heated sled parking $10 per night paid at time of booking

Parking: Truck and trailers – included

Trail access: Beside Inn

Food: Restaurant /Dinner –Restaurant Inn open Sunday 7am-8pm / breakfast starts 0630 Monday / Tim Horton’s 5 min away

Fuel: Close by – 5 min by trail or drive

Stores: Canadian Tire within short distance

Attractions: Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Museum / Snowmobile Museum 1 Dury Pk Rd, Cochrane ON, 1-800-354-9948 http://www.polarbearhabitat.ca/

Sled Dealers:

Paps Power Sports – Skidoo – 135 3rd Ave, Cochrane ON -1-705-272-3254 http://papspowershop.com/

Bourque Automobile – Polaris / Yamaha- Hwy 11 W, Cochrane 1-705-272-8959


Pre Departure meeting in restaurant 1930hrs


2nd and 3rd Night Tuesday Feb28 / Wednesday Mar 1

Companion Hotel / Motel – 930 Front St Hearst Ont P0L 1N0

1-705-362-4304 / 1-888-468-9888 http://www.companion-hotel-motel.ca/

Cancellation – by 6:00pm – Reservation cut off Feb 07

Rates –$105 plus tax for double room – under West Carleton – Indoor heated sled parking $10 per night

Trail Access: Beside Hotel

Food: Restaurant in Hotel 6am – 10pm

Tim Horton’s/ MacDonald’s / Subway / Beer store / LCBO just down street

NOTE – make arrangements for pack lunch for trail for Day 3 if desired

Fuel: 2 min from hotel –Shell / Esso

Stores: Canadian Tire

Sled Dealers:

B&B Auto sports Skidoo 807 Front St, Hearst ON 1-705-362-4400 http://www.bbauto.ca/

P &L Polaris/Yamaha 208 Hwy 11E Hearst ON 1-705-362-4287 http://www.plsales.com/index.htm

Lebel Chainsaws Arctic Cat 9 Fontaine Dr Hearst 1-705-362-4858 / 340 Government Rd Kapuskasing 1-705-335-6858 http://www.lebelchainsaw.ca/


4th Night Thursday Mar 2

Northern Adventure Inn – (Same as above)



Dinner and breakfast is available at each accommodation stop (each rider responsible for food). The group will stop on the trail for lunch. See details above


The group will stop for fuel approximately halfway through each day. In some areas of the tour fuel stops are limited and are approximately 180km apart. Fuel is available prior to departure.

Chase Vehicle

A chase vehicle is being organized and a non-refundable deposit will cover the cost of the chase vehicle for each rider. The chase vehicle, which will be a pick up truck with a 20 ft trailer, will follow the group. It will proceed to the next nights stop, and can be contacted in case of break down. It will also be able to carry spare fuel, oil, parts, and limited amount of luggage. The fuel for the chase vehicle will be paid for from the non-refundable deposit.

As far North as this tour is, the loop parallels / follows Highway 11, this will allow for access to the chase vehicle in case of an emergency breakdown. The exceptions are day one on the Abitibi Loop when access to the chase vehicle is not possible for large portions. On the third day the Missinaibi Loop is in a remote area as well with very limited access for the chase vehicle.

Safety and Group Riding

Depending on the numbers providing the deposit, riders will be put into groups of 4-6 riders. Groups will be assigned on the Sunday evening meeting based on desired speed of travel – each group will stay together. The larger tour group will meet at lunch and at the accommodations at the end of the day.

A safety contact list will be provided to each rider in the group.

Each rider is responsible for riding safely under control, and within his or her limits. Note each riding group will wait at all critical trail junctions.


Each rider assumes responsibility for and understands the risks inherent in snowmobiling in a remote wilderness setting such as is involved in this trip. Each rider must understand that regardless of the chase vehicle, the tour will be in remote locations and emergency assistance will be a significant distance away. Each rider must be fit, capable of riding long distances, and prepared with the proper equipment for the extreme winter weather conditions expected.

Emergency Numbers

In most areas 911 via cell or hard line phone will suffice. However in the un-incorporated areas 911 services are not always available. In addition 911 services are not available via the satellite phones. The direct dial emergency numbers will work on the satellite phones if required during emergency situations.

  • OPP 911
  • OPP emergency: 1-888-310-1122
  • OPP North Bay Communications Emergency Direct Dial 1-705-495-7000
  • Cochrane and Hearst EMS Dispatch Direct Dial 1-705-264-1251
  • Joint Rescue Coordination Centre 8 Wing Trenton 24 hrs – 1-800-267-7270 / 613-965-3870
  • Cochrane Fire and EMS Emergency-911
  • Cochrane Fire 1-705-272-6758
  • Lady Minto Hospital Cochrane On, 241 8th Street 1-705-272-7200 http://www.micsgroup.com/site_published/micsgroup/minto_about.aspx
  • Hospital Notre-Dame Hearst – 1405 Edward St 1-705-373-2923 http://www.ndh.on.ca/home-e.htm
  • Hearst Fire 1-705-373-2822 / 911


Each rider will be asked to provide a cell number. A tour text group will be created so riders can text messages, and communicate with chase vehicle.

Cell phone coverage is centered in the towns, and along the Hwy 11 corridor. Once the trail leaves those areas there will be no coverage. The hotels all have cell phone coverage and Internet access.

A satellite phone will be carried on the chase truck and in the group of riders. The satellite phone will be for emergency use only. The cost of the satellite phone is covered in the deposit amount.


This year as part of the registration package each rider will be provided with a customized dry fit T-shirt with logo, tour name, and year. Please specify size to tour coordinator Scott Hamilton via email.

Selection for Participation

The tour group is initially planned for 12 -16 riders, plus chase truck driver. (Depending on demand numbers may be adjusted.) As demand is expected to exceed capacity selection for participation will be based on order the deposits are received, club participation, previous tour participation, and volunteer participation. The tour organizers reserve the right to select riders based on the requirements of the tour. If a deposit is not received by the planning meeting in November the participants name will be removed from the confirmed group.

Sled maintenance and Insurance

The group will assist each other but everyone is expected to have the basic maintenance completed on their machines, prior to departing on the tour. The machines must be in good mechanical condition capable of riding extended distance in remote areas. In addition each rider is responsible to carry all required insurance, registration, license, and valid OFSC permit.


On the club’s web page, and Face Book page. To register for the tour please complete the registration form and submit with your deposit to either Scott Hamilton or Paul Asmis (see below). A tour coordinator will confirm registration. Please contact either of the coordinators for details.


Scott Hamilton


Paul Asmis


Registration Form: