If anyone is available to do some brushing on the W21 (Carp Ridge Trail) on Saturday October 24 at 9am. We will be working between Thomas Dolan and Carp Rd. to widen the trail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Meeting where the W21 crosses Thomas Dolan. Please wear Orange if you can attend. Organized by Dave Garneau.

Sled Raffle

Tickets will be available at the AGM for West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association
at the Carp Agricultural Hall, on Sept 15, 7 pm.


Win a Discover Winter Snowmobile Package!

Value: $29860

Two Demo 2020 Renegade 900 ACE Adrenaline Skidoos
Sponsored by Loiselle Sports
One New 2021 XT11 Triton Covered Trailer
Sponsored by Alumite Enterprises

Draw DateL 17 December, 2020 at 7L00 pm At the
Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centre,
170 Bridge Street, Carleton Place, Ont.


Proceeds go to Snowmobile Education and Safety Programs

15000 Tickets Printed, License : M842825

Upper Canada Snowmobile Region, 613 543 0374
PO Box 2011 , Carleton Mews, Carleton Place, Ont, K7C 4K3

Annual General Meeting 2020: Location Updated

AGM - the trail ahead

Annual General Meeting 2020 now being held at Carp Agricultural Hall, 3790 Carp Road, Carp.

The hall has instituted cleaning procedures as per Covid 19, will provide for social distancing, and hand sanitizer will be available. Please bring a mask, as masks will be mandatory.

Call For New members on the Board of Directors

Hello my friends, Hope you are all had a great summer and that it will continue into September ????

The Club needs your help !!

We will be filling several positions on on your Board this year and the new Board will be selecting some key officer positions including President and Treasurer.

Our AGM is Sept 15, 7 pm at Carp Agricultural Hall.

Our Club needs to continue the work that has been accomplished by you, and your Board over the last several years. There have been some new trails & bridges added, events, membership growth, snowmobile raffle, sponsors added and many other things.

If you can help in any way please send a message to Mark at

Thanks so much and lets keep heading down the right trail.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directors

Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed!

Hello fellow members of our club. 

We have a chance for some of you to become active members working with us in this club, looking after some of our trails in the Almonte area.

 Our club has over 250 km of trails, and we have a dedicated group of people, our trail coordinators, who look after them.

We split the trails into small pieces that are more manageable for each coordinator.  The trail coordinator for a section of trail, looks after getting pickets and signage installed in the fall, and removed in the spring.  They also watch for any issues that might arise in that section and work that may be needed.  Should anything arise, they can reach out to the board, to other coordinators,  and to volunteers at large who may be available.

While we have trail coordinators  that take responsibility for a section of trail, whenever help is needed, we all pitch in, as best we can.   No one is expected to “do it all themselves”.

The more people who can take on small pieces of the trail, the easier it is to maintain the whole system, and so, we are appealing to our members.

The areas where we could use some extra help with are:

  • different sections of trails from Almonte in the directions  of Panmure (parts of A trail to W19),
  •  Pakenham (parts of W23, W311),
  • Blakeny (W12, W14).  

We will work with new volunteers to ensure they are comfortable with handling a section of trail.   This is your chance to give back to snowmobiling and make a difference with your local club.

Contact us at

Call for nominations: Volunteers of the year

Call for nominations:  Volunteers of the  year

Call for nominations:  Volunteers of the  year

Fellow club members.  As I’m sure you are well aware, organized snowmobiling in Ontario is largely dependent on volunteers.  This is certainly true in your West Carleton Club.  Many volunteers work tirelessly, without recognition. 

While we must be thankful for all volunteers, we have a tradition of highlighting some of the truly outstanding volunteers in the club.  The Board of Directors will select one such volunteer in each of the following categories.  What we need from you, our members, are nominations for each of the categories.  Please write a few lines of what the volunteer has done and why you think they are most deserving of the honor and forward to by Saturday March 14.  This will give the Board enough time to vote and arrange for prizes to be awarded at the landowner dinner later this month.  The categories are: 

WC Volunteer of the Year

WC Family of the Year

WC Safe Snowmobiling Ambassador

WC Outstanding Snowmobile Promotion

WC Rookie Volunteer of the Year

                              Thank you for your input and I look forward to seeing many of you at the dinner on Saturday, March 28.

Trails are now closed.

Trails are now closed.

West Carleton trails are now closed. Thanks to our Landowners, Volunteers and Permit Buyers.

Wow. What a fantastic season it has been!

Snowmobilers are being warned to stay off of West Carleton Snowmobile Club (WCSTA) OFSC Prescribed snowmobile trails effective immediately as the snowmobile season has come to an end. These trails are now reported as “Unavailable” (Red) on the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide, and WCSTA have stopped regular grooming operations and signs and stakes are being removed and gates and fences closed. Snowmobilers are also advised that rapidly deteriorating snow and ice conditions due to spring thaw make snowmobiling extremely hazardous on closed trails. In our area, roads and road crossings are now generally bare and the ice on all waterways is melted, melting or unstable.

The public is also reminded that an OFSC snowmobile trail on private land reported as “Unavailable” means that access to that trail is also prohibited for any other users or persons for all other seasons, without the specific prior permission of the landowner. On behalf of our club and volunteers, we want to thank all of the landowners who have generously allowed the use of their property for an OFSC snowmobile trail this winter. We also appreciate the support of the many snowmobilers who bought trail permits to help pay their share of the cost of trail operations for the past season.

A very special thanks is also extended to all of the club volunteers who donated their services to assist local clubs in providing a successful season of snowmobiling. Although the winter is over, snowmobiling has become a year round business, so many volunteers will start immediately to plan and prepare for next winter.

Planning for Next Year

WCSTA is actively looking to fill a number of roles within the West Carleton club. We are looking for people to work with the Board of Directors to assist with the delivery of our required programs and to develop Club initiatives. We are increasing our efforts to identify and coordinate our volunteers, one of our most valuable resources.

If you would like to volunteer to keep your Club strong, and our trails first rate please fill in the Volunteer Contact form on our Volunteering web page. We will put together groups of people to help repair and maintain trails this spring and summer, as well as prepare for the 2020-2021 season. In order to remain strong, your Club needs more involvement from its members. In return, we are also focusing on member engagement in a fun way and hope to have a number of activities and get togethers next season for everyone.

So, if you can help us, and this will help you, please let us know.

The Board of Directors thanks you for a fun and accident free season.  See you on the trails next winter. Remember to buy your permit in WCSTA.