WCSTA Wear Available Until Friday

WCSTA Merchandise

We are placing an order of WCSTA wear this Friday, and thought we’d extend the opportunity to our members to order some merchandise.

Jackets, hoodies, T Shirts, toques and ball caps are available. If you would like to order something, please email Scott Hamilton at WestCarletonPokerRun@gmail.com with your order. Full payment must be made via e-transfer before this coming Friday January 16, 2015. Thanks to Scott for coordinating this and making some pretty cool swag available to us!

*Please note: some of the links provided display pricing different from those listed. These are without logo printed or embroidery. Please refer to pricing in the table below.

ItemPrice Including HSTEmbroidered or Transfer PrintLink*
Ash City 3-in-1 Jacket with Bonded Fleece Liner
88196 (Men) 78196 (Ladies)
$200Embroidered3-in-1 Mens
Ash City Climate Core Lightweight Jacket
88185 (Men) 78185 (Ladies)
$100EmbroideredClimate Core
Ash City Avalanche North End Insulated Jacket
88165 (Men) 78165 (Ladies)
Ash City Performance Fleece Jacket
88174 (Men) 78174 (Ladies)
Canada Sportswear Soft Shell Jacket
L07200 (Men) L07201 (Ladies)
$75EmbroideredCanada Sportswear Soft Shell
Coal Harbour City Fleece
J7501 (Men) L7501 (Ladies)
$69EmbroideredCoal Harbour City Fleece J7501
ATC PTech Hooded Zipper Fleece Jacket
F221 (Men) L221 (Ladies)
$69Embroidered or TransferHooded Zipper Fleece
ATC PTech Hooded Pullover
F220 (Men) Y220 (Youth)
$54Embroidered or TransferHooded Pullover
ATC Pro Team T-shirts
S350 (Men) L350 (Ladies) Y350 (Youth)
$17Transfer PrintT-Shirt
ATC Pro Team Long Sleeve Shirts
S350LS (Men) Y350LS (Youth)
$22Transfer PrintLong Sleeve Shirt
Fruit of the Loom Heavy 70/30 Cotton/Poly Hoodie
Adult Unisex (82130R)
$42Embroidered or TransferFTL Hoodie
Gildan Mid-Weight 50/50 Cotton/Poly Hoodie
Adult (1850) and Youth (185B) Unisex
$37Embroidered or TransferGildan Hoodie
Cuff Touque$13EmbroideredCuff Touque
Beanie Touque$13EmbroideredBeanie Touque
Ball Caps$17EmbroideredBall Cap