Trail Patrol Course – Wed. Jan. 10th

Trail Patrol Course - Wed. Jan. 10th

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Trail Patrol Course – Wed. Jan. 10th

We are going to be training new Trail Patrol (trail wardens) on Wednesday January 10th from 7 to 9pm at Kinburn Community Centre.

Trail Patrol are on trail ambassadors for snowmobiling. We are there to promote a safe snowmobile experience for everyone, give valuable information to fellow sledders and promote our sport.

I should add this is also to get an update on your current training. We are moving to a district wide Trail Patrol not just by club. Come out to here about he changed as well. all good stuff.

Please email to sign up or get more information.

The course is under two hours.

Thank you,
Scott Hamilton

Trail Patrol Training Feb. 4th

OFSC West Carleton trail patrol

Hello Everyone,
We will be offering a training course for new trail patrollers.
Looking for people who love snowmobiling and are dedicated to the fun it is for everyone.
Easy 1.5 hour course, Looking for ambassadors

Please let us know ASAP on facebook or email for any questions you may have.

Come out and join our team!

Course is at our new Club House 🙂