Thank a Volunteer and a Land Owner , Blame it on the Weather

March 11, 2021: Our trails have been moved to RED – Closed – as well as all trails in District 1. We know this has been a short season but this is the worst snow year for our Club in 40 years; since 1981.  The Board, volunteers and groomer operators thank you for your support this winter.  We had little snow to groom and we did what we could.  There was only one day lost to groomer down time this year and these things happen. 

We would like to add a huge thank you to our landowners because without their generosity we would have no trails.  The landowners receive nothing from us (snowmobilers) for letting us use their property so at least show some respect and stay on the marked trail.  If there is no improvement about staying on the trail next year (and in the future) there will be more and more trails closed and more road running every year.  Using our landowner’s property is a privilege, not our right

Also we are seeing a lot of garbage on the trails now that the snow is melting, if you can carry it in you can carry it out, please don’t litter and keep Canada beautiful.  A volunteer has to clean up your mess and this is not reasonable.

For those of you who spoke up to volunteer we are working on a new email tool to communicate more effectively with all members.  We need new volunteers to help us with this.  It will improve how we can work with our existing and new volunteers.  This is being put together with help from ForceFive Media. I have heard from a number of you this year that you want to help and we need to communicate to engage you better.

We are already working on improvements to groomer management east of 417 and other trail improvements this summer. We have almost 1,100 members this year with 200 new members.  Don’t lose faith in the group of volunteer people that do so much to keep your Club and your trail going.  Going forward become involved with your Club and hope for more snow next season.  There is only so much the volunteers can do; the rest is up to the members.  Stay on the trail or stay home and bring your garbage home with you will be a start.