A look at the W19 Reroute work

A look at the W19 Reroute work
A trail will go through here

We would like to show some of the new trail, and what our fundraisers, and the matching input from BRP’s SnowPass program, and the folks at AECON Construction Ontario East LTD have done for this new route across the 417.

This project allows us to restore one of the 2 links that allows snowmobilers from our club, and from further afield, to access the east side side of the 417, gateway to Kanata and Ottawa, and a 4 star hotel, the Brookstreet. It allows those from Quebec, that cross on our new bridge over the Ottawa River (the longest snowmobile bridge in the world) to explore the Ontario trail system. With this link, we can offer options for the new trail loop that the Upper Canada Snowmobile Region (the district of which we are members) is putting together for this season.

In planning this reroute, we wanted to minimize the amount of road riding. In doing so, we gained permission to cross some properties in key locations, but without a clear trail. We chose to open up a fairly large section going through the bush as part of making this trail happen. That’s where the BRP SnowPass Program and the people of AECON Construction Ontario East LTD. came in to make this possible.

As you can see, a formidable amount of brushing, if done by hand, was accomplished in a short time with the help of some heavy machinery provided by AECON’s Carp location.

Here are some before pictures give an idea of what we were up against, and the after pictures show the new W19 trail will now pass.

We also need to acknowledge the help of our local Ski Doo dealer, MotorSportsWorld, and Todd Williams, Project Manager at AECON Construction Ontario East LTD, Carp office. So here’s a huge thank you for making this happen. #SkiDooPASS#ThatSkiDooFeeling@SkiDoo




Trespassing on the CN Rail Right of Way from Kanata to the Ottawa River in Vydon Acres

The West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association Inc. has a lease with CN rail for the CN Right of Way from Wesley Clover Park to the Ottawa River for use as a dedicated snowmobile trail only. This right of way is private property and anyone on the property that is not a licenced snowmobiler on a snowmobile is trespassing.  We ask that the public do not access or use this property for any reason other than snowmobiling.  Ottawa Police and Bylaw Enforcement have been informed that this is private property and fines can be issued to all trespassers.

Paul McDonald. President, West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association

April 26, 2021

Volunteers In Action Program

Volunteers In Action Program

Each and every year, the snowmobile trails come together with the help of many volunteers. These volunteers give up their time, tools and labour in exchange for a trail system we all can enjoy. Most trail coordinators have a small crew of family or friends, sometimes both, that they count on to get the job done. This makes the act of volunteering much more enjoyable.

This past March, the Upper Canada Snowmobile Region (UCSR) contacted the club about a Volunteer rewards program. They donated some funding to reward those that assist in maintaining the trail system. It’s not the reason we volunteer, but sometimes a little recognition is appreciated.

We also received extra funding that allowed us to recognize even more of these volunteers. Thank you to Chris McCluskey and the team at The McCluskey Group (our local Tim Hortons) for reaching out to the WCSTA with a generous donation and helping us make this even better.

Trail coordinators submitted the list of their volunteers to be put in a draw for gift cards. The winners for the ’20-’21 season are:

Matt Agnel
Phil Auger Jimmy Bonney
Rod Brenton
Keith Burgess

Dave Campbell
Doug Campbell
Dan Coady
Bernie Coady
Steve Craig

Mark Crawford
Sawyer Dods
Kyle Fierens
Scott Fraser
Dave Garneau

Wayne Hollbrook
Ronnie Joanisse
Lee Johnson
Destiny Judge
Brister Malovic

Wes Manor
Mike Mosley
Nelson McDonald
Steve Monuk
Mike O’Reilly

Will Riley
Rich Russell
Blake Valliquette
Ben VanderVelde
Allan Wilson

   Thanks to all who volunteer. 



UPDATE: Annual General Meeting Oct 13

UPDATE: Annual General Meeting Oct 13

This is an update on the WCSTA AGM on Wednesday October 13, 2021.  Our meeting will be held in the large hall at the Kinburn Community Centre. 

This is a City of Ottawa owned facility.  They now require that people attending the AGM have been double vaccinated for Covid and have proof of the vaccinations to show at the door.  They also require that we collect the names and contact information for those that attend.  We will have a volunteer at the door to collect this information in accordance with City of Ottawa and Provincial direction.

Volunteer Needed for Secretary Position

We have not yet identified a volunteer to assume the role of Club Secretary.  The main function of the position is to participate in and maintain records for Club meetings.  Other associated thing in assisting with the running of the Club will also be involved.  We meet once a month in the evening.

If you are interested in this role and helping your Club, please contact me at president@wcstai.com

If you enjoy snowmobiling, please consider the importance of becoming involved in your Club.

Volunteers Needed to Assist in Map Advertising

Each year the Club receives a large portion of its sponsorship from the sale of advertising on our Club map.  This also provides valuable information to snowmobilers when we attract a wide range of services you can use on or off the trail.

We are looking for several volunteers that will help us with approaching our existing advertisers with this year’s sales package.  You can also assist in identifying and attracting new advertisers. The money from this initiative is what keeps your trails open and groomers running.

This function occurs mainly in October to December.  If you have an interest, please let me know.


Want to be a Board Member?

There are several positions available on the Board of Directors.  Stand up and let your voice be heard.

Paul McDonald, President

September 24, 2021

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

October 13, 2021

Every year we have our AGM.  This year it is on Wednesday October 13 at 7:00pm.  It is being held at the Kinburn Community Centre.  This is your chance to let the Board of Directors and others know your thoughts on your Club, trails and operations. 

We will also be holding the election of the new Board of Directors and electing the Executive for the 2021-2022 season, so this is your time to become involved in the running of your Club.

This season we will have some exciting things for all of you that the Board and volunteers have accomplished.

  • The W1 Trail and the bridge over the Ottawa River will be fully open.  This will provide an earlier opening of the crossing to Quebec as well a a safe non-ice crossing.  We welcome our Quebec neighbours to WCSTA.
  • We are working on several trail re-routes that will make for better trails.  Come out and ride them.
  • We are brushing and widening several trails to improve your ride.
  • We will have the first OFSC Loop Trail in WCSTA that will include Kanata, Calabogie and Pembroke.  It will connect to the RAP and other trails.

In order to continue these improvements, and the everyday operation of the Club, we need new blood on the Board of Directors.

Need for New Directors

Some Directors have been on the Board and contributed to the Club for many years.  Some are moving on and need to be replaced at the AGM.  I encourage you to put your name forward to become active in the running of the Club.  It is a rewarding experience and 100s of our members have provided this service over the last 41 years.  You will be involved in Club management, project development and implementation, working with volunteers and event management and presentation.  We need a wide range of experience and commitment so do not be afraid to step up. 

If you would like to run for a Board position, please contact Kyle Fierens at kyle_1123@hotmail.com or Rick Craig at rcraig@cmelectric.com.   Alternatively, you can email president@wcstai.com.  In order to be successful, we need new people to replace those that have kept the Club going all these years.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual General Meeting.

Paul McDonald, President

West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Are Closed

Thank a Volunteer and a Land Owner , Blame it on the Weather

March 11, 2021: Our trails have been moved to RED – Closed – as well as all trails in District 1. We know this has been a short season but this is the worst snow year for our Club in 40 years; since 1981.  The Board, volunteers and groomer operators thank you for your support this winter.  We had little snow to groom and we did what we could.  There was only one day lost to groomer down time this year and these things happen. 

We would like to add a huge thank you to our landowners because without their generosity we would have no trails.  The landowners receive nothing from us (snowmobilers) for letting us use their property so at least show some respect and stay on the marked trail.  If there is no improvement about staying on the trail next year (and in the future) there will be more and more trails closed and more road running every year.  Using our landowner’s property is a privilege, not our right

Also we are seeing a lot of garbage on the trails now that the snow is melting, if you can carry it in you can carry it out, please don’t litter and keep Canada beautiful.  A volunteer has to clean up your mess and this is not reasonable.

For those of you who spoke up to volunteer we are working on a new email tool to communicate more effectively with all members.  We need new volunteers to help us with this.  It will improve how we can work with our existing and new volunteers.  This is being put together with help from ForceFive Media. I have heard from a number of you this year that you want to help and we need to communicate to engage you better.

We are already working on improvements to groomer management east of 417 and other trail improvements this summer. We have almost 1,100 members this year with 200 new members.  Don’t lose faith in the group of volunteer people that do so much to keep your Club and your trail going.  Going forward become involved with your Club and hope for more snow next season.  There is only so much the volunteers can do; the rest is up to the members.  Stay on the trail or stay home and bring your garbage home with you will be a start.

Enjoying a Crossing of the Ottawa River

The Burgess and Russell families enjoy a crossing of the Ottawa River on the new bridge on W1.  While The bridge is not a opened part of the Ontario and Quebec trail systems riders are using it at their own risk as an unopened trail at this time.

These two families put in more the 1,000 hours a year building, maintaining and grooming trails for your Club.  If it was not for them the W1 trail and the bridge to Quebec would never have been completed.  While other volunteers helped, no other families were that committed to seeing the project done.

If you want your club to be successful, you have to contribute.  Sitting on the couch and complaining does nothing and does not support the volunteers that do so much.



Paul McDonald