Congratulations to Doug Fisher! Winner of the 2020 Anniversary Indy 850 Patriot Adventure

Congratulations to Doug Fisher! Winner of the 2020 Anniversary Indy 850 Patriot Adventure

Congratulations to Doug Fisher!

Winner of the 2020 Anniversary Indy 850 Patriot Adventure.

Congratulations to Polaris for 40 years of Indy! And thank you for your incredible support of West Carleton Snowmobile Trails; including the World’s Longest Snowmobile Bridge (set to open next season if someone fixes the insurance)

Thanks to Blacks Corners Motorsports for their continuous generous support of snowmobiling in our area. Thank you Brad and Steve (pictured beside Doug Fisher).

What an incredible snowmobile. The computer gauge & Integral GPS looks amazing…..like a rocket ship. Love the retro graphics (just like your first Indy?)

And luckily Doug has a nice big trailer, so there will be no problem getting to all of the amazing trails that are open. Next year we will raffle off a Blacks Corners Trailer.

Volunteers with your District and Clubs are working hard to get more trails open. Personally, I’m killing time doing a snow dance. We are expecting good thing happening very soon! In the meantime, show support for our sponsors like Blacks Corners, pick up a new trail guide, and throw those sleds in the truck/trailer for some sledding. Check your ITG.

Thanks to all the people who supported West Carleton Trails with our big fundraising raffle. Thanks to Doug Fisher. And thank you again, Polaris Industries Canada, and Blacks Corners Motorsports (Home of Polaris Indy) in Carleton Place.

WCSTAI trail maps now available at various locations

WCSTAI trail maps now available at various locations

2019-2020 WCSTAI Trail Guide now available

New West Carleton Snowmobile Trail Maps are available at the following locations.

Thank you to all of our sponsors who make snowmobiling in West Carleton an awesome experience.

Constance BayThe Point
The Lighthouse
The Legion
DunrobinNicholls Gas 
Pakenham Centenial Restaurant
Karson’s Gas
Scheel’s Butcher Shop
Carp RidgeRock Brewery
Pride Marine Yamaha
Carp Shell (March/417)
Carleton Place Blacks Corners Motorsports Polaris
CP Marine Yamaha
Pioneer Gas Hwy 7 (Tims)
Calabogie Urban Powersports Yamaha
Redneck Bistro
Charbaneaus Gas
Bogie Gas Ultramart
Fitzroy Harbour Pizza and Store
Kinburn Darvesh Corner Store Gas
Kinburn Community Centre (rink side)

Important message from the District 1 of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs about trails status

Message from


January 17 2020


MORRISBURG, Ontario – The sixteen (16) snowmobile clubs in District 1, Upper Canada Snowmobile Region of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs have been working very hard to prepare trails and are on the verge of opening pending the snow storm that is forecast.  We regret that circumstances beyond our control will prevent the whole system from opening at this time.  Approximately 25% of   our most popular trails will have to remain closed due to issues with our land use permission.  We want to warn snowmobilers that routes using abandoned rail lines are particularly affected and there will be closed gates along many of these corridors. 

DO NOT TRESPASS on closed trails and go to to the Interactive Trail Guide (ITG) www.ofsc.on.ca  to check which trails are available. 

We want to assure our permit holders that we are continuing to seek solutions and if trails become available it will be reflected on the ITG.  Please have patience with our clubs because the volunteers are doing their best to provide trails for the enjoyment of the thousands of snowmobilers who have purchased permits.

Our district office is located in Morrisburg, and looks after administration and fieldwork inquiries for the 16 clubs. We have over 3000 km of marked groomed trails. The clubs in District One sells over 10,000 trail permits annually to families in Eastern Ontario.  The O.F.S.C. mission is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to its member clubs. It is the members who establish and maintain the quality of our snowmobile trails, which are used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, for the enjoyment of organized snowmobilers.

John Boals

District Manager

Volunteering with WCSTAI

Volunteering  with WCSTAI

A small group of club members have stepped up to help address the engagement of our volunteers and the volunteer coordination issue, meeting with Eric Mesdag, a Director of the club.

We know many of you have indicated when you bought your pass that you are willing to volunteer and others have contacted the Club directly.  We shall come up with improvements to better reach members who are willing to help. 

Your interest in assisting you Club is appreciated, Stay tuned.



You may have seen Steve Burgess’s recent post and the lack of volunteers to open and maintain our trails. Not one of our Members (read YOU) showed up. There was a comment from one Club Member that we did not contact him. Also, another comment that not everyone sits around and reads Facebook.

There is a fact that: too much is being done by too few for too many Club Members who like to ride but do not want to help. I also know that a number of Members have offered to help but we do not contact them.

We are in desperate need of a Volunteer with some social media skills who likes to talk to people to work with the Board and coordinate those people who have offered to help. Facebook is not working. We need fresh ideas as to how to make our Club a community where people want to be involved. This goes beyond trail maintenance to other fun events we can hold to involve our Members.

If you can help, please contact me directly. Email me at paulmcdonald@magma.ca or call me at 613-832-2362. I like to talk to people. Do not message me. Facebook or whatever it is does not work.

As Steve Burgess points out the people who are currently maintaining your trails are getting tired (read fed up). We opened the trails and we cleaned up after the last storm. Who is going to clean up after the heavy snow we just received. Maybe no one!!

A good start is for someone to work with the Board to develop an effective communication plan. Then we can ask for help when we need it from those few other Members who have offered to help. Would one of you please volunteer to take this on? Bring a friend and make it an enjoyable part of being a Member of YOUR snowmobile club.

If you know someone and they do not follow us on our website or Facebook please pass this on.

Paul McDonald, Vice President and Volunteer

New Trail Into Carp Ready To Go

New Trail Into Carp Ready To Go

On Sunday two new volunteers Ryan Grassie and Jake Sinclair worked with me and Steve Munro and helped open the new trail from W20 into Carp. Steve Munro worked with land owners to put the trail in place and brought out his backhoe to clear the trail and put in a pipe.

Thank you all.

This trail has been built to keep snowmobiles off the ACTIVE RAIL LINE into Carp. We have posted the railway as a NO SNOWMOBILE ROUTE. If snowmobilers use the railway we may loose all our railway crossings west of Highway 417. This in effect would shut down many of our trails and access out of West Carleton.


If you have time for a beer you have time to take the trail. There are a number of restaurants and businesses near to the snowmobile parking area that is being provided by Ridge Rock Brewing an the Karson Group.

Enjoy your trip to Carp when we get snow.

Seasonal Snowmobile Trail Permit Info

OFSC Permits

Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits are available online, providing you with enhanced security, flexibility and convenience. When you purchase your permits please make sure you specify the club where you ride the most… hopefully it’s West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association!

For permit pricing and OFSC gift cards, please visit ofsc.on.ca/permits

Permit Placement & Additional Information

  • The Trail Permit is valid only when permanently affixed to the bottom edge of the centre of the windshield, or on top and to the left of centre of the engine cowling as close as possible to the centre of the windshield, without obscuring or being obscured by the registration number required to be displayed on the vehicle.
  • OFSC Trail Permits are valid only in the province of Ontario and may be used to access any open or limited Prescribed Trails operated by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs unless otherwise specified.

Win a 2020 Polaris 850 Patriot Indy Adventure – And we have a winner!

Win a 2020 Polaris 850 Patriot Indy Adventure - And we have a winner!

All 500 tickets were sold!

Congratulations to Doug Fisher for winning the 2020 Polaris 850 Patriot Indy Adventure

Thank you to all who participated in this great fundraiser, a total of $50,000 was raised to help build the W1!

Win this 2020 Polaris 850 Patriot Indy Adventure, valued at $20,700!

West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association Inc. “Longest Snowmobile Bridge in the World” Fundraiser

The prize:

2020 Polaris 850 Patriot Indy Adventure valued at $20,700
· Rare Snow Check Special
· Unique Heritage Anniversary colour scheme, coloured tunnel and rails
· Interactive digital gauge package with GPS
· AND The new Polaris 850 Patriot Engine — available through Snow Check only

Tickets: $100 for a 1 in 500 opportunity to win!

Proudly sponsored by

Draw Date:

Tuesday December 3, 2019, 8:00 pm, at the WCSTA Club House – Kinburn Community Centre

3045 Kinburn Side Rd, Kinburn, ON

Get your tickets before they sell out!

Buying opportunities

WCSTAI booth at the Carp Fair – September 26-29

WCSTAI annual general meeting – October 1, 2019, 7:00 Kinburn Community Centre.

Email: tickets@wcstai.com

Get in touch with a WCSTA Board member

Stay tuned for more opportunities!

This is your chance to help complete the popular Capital Rail Trail “W1”, including the “The Longest Snowmobile Bridge in the World” – joining West Carleton to Quebec across the Ottawa River!

Sledders win either way, as all proceeds go towards completing the Capital Rail Trail (W1) joining Ontario & Quebec; including the World’s Longest Snowmobile Bridge (1600 feet) spanning the Ottawa River. 

Get your ticket to win a 2020 Polaris 850 Patriot Indy Adventure Snow Check Special, compliments of Polaris Canada. Complete with Snow Check only Heritage Anniversary colour scheme, coloured tunnel and rails, it has the Interactive Digital Gauge package with GPS. The new 850 engine is available through Snow Check only, so, if you haven’t  already snow checked one, this may be your only chance this season to get a sled with all of these features! 

Thanks to Black’s Corners Motorsport, Carleton Place, and Polaris Industries for the generous support of this exciting project. Prize to be picked up at Black’s Corners Motorsport.

The fine print: City of Ottawa Licence M820247. Must be 18 years or older to participate in the raffle

WCSTAI awarded the District 1 – Club of the Year award!

WCSTAI awarded the District 1 - Club of the Year award!
District 1 – Club of the Year award

The West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association Inc. was awarded the District 1 – Club of the Year award, in large part due to our great volunteer efforts, specifically recognizing all of the work we all have done on both the OVRT and the new Capital Rail Trail. Also noted was our fundraising, including our charitable contribution to the Dunrobin Tornado rebuilding effort.

Way to go West Carleton Sledders!

WCSTA Buy a Board or Buy a Bridge

WCSTA Buy a Board or Buy a Bridge

WCSTA Buy a Board or Buy a Bridge


West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association will celebrate its 40th Anniversary on October 19, 2019. Help us celebrate and complete the new “Capitol Rail Trail – W1” across our Club and to Quebec. This is perhaps the largest project being undertaken in OFSC at this time. Be a part of making OUR DREAM come true this year.

Our 40th anniversary Trail Map will celebrate our success. Buy a trail sponsorship place on our map – or become a personal sponsor – for your Club. Anyone can give any amount. All money raised will go toward completing Trail W1 and the bridge to Quebec.

Gold Sponsor – $10,000

Silver Sponsor – $5,000

Bronze Sponsor – $3,000

Club Supporter – Any other amount as a donation to the Trail and Bridges

All donations to the Map Sponsorship will be Invoiced to the donor so that they can use the donation as an expense to the extent possible.

Sponsors will be featured on the Map, on the Web Site and Facebook for the year and featured at our events such as the Land Owners Dinner.

In September we will hear from OFSC as to whether they will help us complete the bridge over the Ottawa River. We will need to contribute 15% of the value if we are successful. This could be $50,000 to $60,000. We still need to complete 2 more bridges. If we use volunteers the bridges will cost over $40,000. If we use contractors it will be significantly more. Our snowmobile raffle is supporting this work. You can help us complete the rest.

Want your company name on a bridge. Buy a bridge or buy a board. Let’s make this happen. If you like to snowmobile or just want to support WCSTA, please donate today. We can complete and open the trail in 2019 with your help. Talk to businesses and friends and make this happen.

For further information please contact:   

Paul McDonald, Director, WCSTA

Phone: 613-832-2362

Cell: 613-296-1967

Email:    paulmcdonald@magma.ca